idiosyncratics goes cowporn!


(K7 | digital)

Los Angeles based musician Glen Meadmore returns to his techno roots with the help of Berlin producer felix knoke.
We're elated to introduce you to Glen's world through this very special technocountry release where cowporn and romanticism collide!

Original artwork by cult LA cartoonist Mike Diana!

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Tapes ship in early January

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(CD | digital)

Our favorite shaman comes back with a new solo album, recorded exclusively for Idiosyncratics.
CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE - Ssingggg Sschlllingg Sshpppingg will be released in April. 
This awesome full length album by Charlemagne solo has been recorded especially for idiosyncratics. It has been brilliantly engineered by our long term associate Fredéric Alstadt (Angström Studio) and mixed by maestro Aymeric De Tapol. 
The artwork is an original collaboration between Charlemagne Palestine, labelboss Yannick Franck and Frau label designer Helena Dietrich, immortalized by photographer Laurent Meurice. It comes with a color 3 panels cardboard and includes the download of the digital version (in the format you want).
!! 30 copies will come signed by Charlemagne !!

"Charlemagne Palestine releases this absorbing 51-minute dronescape that's at once enormous and intimate — and easily a career highlight"' ROLLING STONE #7 Best Avant Albums of 2015
"Not only my favourite record of 2015, but maybe the best work I have ever heard from Mr. Palestine" JIM O'ROURKE (Wire magazine, dec 2015)
"one of the very best releases in the American maverick’s recent output" TOUCHING EXTREMES

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(LP | digital)

Inspired by Fulcanelli, Robert Garcet and Giordano Bruno’s writings, MOTHERLAND is an evocative sonic journey through Umbria, Italy where Maggi spent a few days in 2011. A suite of abyssal ballads made out of field-recordings and traditional music samples, among other sources.

◊ artwork by Marc O'Callaghan ◊

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(K7 | digital)

We are delighted to present this amazingly beautiful split release by french visual artist and musician Félicia Atkison and italian accordionist and sound experimentalist Duchamp!
About Felicia Atkison's THE COLOR RED
The Color Red is a 17.17 mn track inspired by Brian DePalma’s Carrie film from 1976.
Bare infra basses, monochord voices and distant keyboards are pulsing this effort built like a destroyed ballroom. How solitary music can be flirting with fear, desire, romanticism and anti-social behaviors.
Occhi pieni di luce" and "Occhi pieni di lacrime" are two same lenght pieces that explores feelings and sensations that fill the void of a disappeared person. The songs were written and recorded shortly after the death of a musician friend, that I knew since my teenage years. Being I do not believe in God or in the afterlife, I have to find myself a way to cope with the disappering. I do not have any answer, or explainations, but I got a strong sensation. The day of his funeral, seeing there all the people he have played with or share his love for music with, gave me the feeling he's somehow still with us in the unrealistic rock n'roll dreams that we were pursuing and still we are. So, we should never stop being unrealistic.
Both pieces has been recorded, mixed and mastered in late 2013, in Berlin by Diego Ferri.
Felicia Atkinson is a visual artist and musician based between Brussels and the Alps mountains.
She produces music under her name and as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier.
She has been touring lately with Gabriel Saloman and Sun Araw and released records and tapes in the past with NNA Tapes, Shelter Press, No Kings Records, Spekk, Umor Rex…
Her music find strange siblings in Suzanne Ciani, Oren Ambarchi, Ruth White, Simon Scott or Dolphins Into The Future….
DuChamp is an Italian scientist, musician and curator based in Berlin religiously devoted to drone. Drone is related to a precise childhood memory: the sound of the hair dryer, that her mother used to fix her hair. That was the sound of care, bliss, and infinite love. Since her debut live in August 2010, she performed several time in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Poland and in the US West Coast. She plays different instruments, among which accordion and baritone guitar, that she stratifies using loops and delays. Her first solo album “NAR” recorded by Diego Ferri, and mastered by Brain Pyle, has been released on Apr 14th 2013 from Boring Machines. DuChamp plays also with Will Gresson in Fausto Maijstral (La Station Radar), she´s one of Brabrabra (Kitchen Leg records) and she is in a very free form band called The Roman Catholics (plus other random bands). She’s the (sweet) half of the Berlin tape label Kitchen Leg records, that produces colorful and soundful tapes from Brabrabra, BeMyDelay, Ruins of Krüger and Paro. As curator, she organize gigs for artists she loves and, together with her everlasting partner Alice Cannava´, she is the co-curator of Occultofest.
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(K7 | digital)
Radical yet subtly built journey into analog synths and wave multipliers by Jazkamer’s infamous collaborator. Not for the faint hearted!! Ships NOW!

Originally a drummer, Jean-Philippe Gross turned to electronic music in 1998. He composes music for dance and theater, plays solo with a Serge modular synth, collaborators include John Hegre (Black Packers), Jean-Luc Guionnet (Angle), Clare Cooper (Nevers), Arnaud Paquotte (Hunting Maelstrom), Jérôme Noetinger, Marie Cambois (We killed a Cheerleader), Léa Drouet and Gael Leveugle (theater & performance). He is a member of the collective artist La Distillerie Collective since january 2013. From october 2001 to june 2009 he was engaged as a program curator for Fragment (Metz, France).


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(K7 | digital)

Cult Berlin figure, noise diva, fierce experimentalist, cassette tape maniac, field recording adventurer and DIY instruments designer Marta Zapparoli is back with another stunning work!!
Artwork by Yannick Franck

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(CD | digital)

Anyone who's seen him performing either solo, sharing the bill with Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O)))), Chris Corsano, N.U. Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten), or along with Carla Bozulich / Evangelista, Y.E.R.M.O. or french based collective DEGA! will confirm: Jason Van Gulick definitely counts among the most inventive and talented drummers in the music scene nowadays.

His dynamite loaded though subtle and masterfully executed performances, mixtures of wild rhythms and abstract soundscapes made him a quite a name in the last years and it was about time for Jason to release his first solo album. Entelechy combines electroacoustic textures with more musical, "free" drumming passages.

Formerly trained as an architect, Van Gulick puts an important focus on natural resonance and often performs in locations chosen for their acoustic specificities. Therefore, Entelechy has been entirely recorded in resonant spaces such in Brussels as a squat called RTT and young but already legendary underground concert venue HS63. The album has been mixed by RIPIT and mastered by Frederic Alstadt at Angstrom, Brussels. Original artwork by our long time partners in crime Gast Bouschet & Nadine Hilbert. 

(9,99 euros incl. digital)

12'' vinyl available now!

(LP | digital)

After a pair of tapes acclaimed by The Quietus and Xlr8r, ORPHAN SWORDS makes a new move via Idiosyncratics. The industrial-slanted techno duo welcomes four guest projects for a vinyl of remixes: not less than Dwellings (GNOD), Paul Purgas (Emptyset), shxcxchcxsh (Avian) and Exoteric Continent (Opal Tapes / Hospital Productions). They revamp Orphan Swords' track RÄUM from debut EP Dantalion/Räum in a brand new version. The record has been mastered by Stephen Bishop.

(11,99 euros incl. digital)
About Orphan Swords' music

"The grinding sounds and whirling blasts of white noise position the track directly in the realm of acts like Sandwell District and Richie Hawtin's digressive and hypnotizing Plastikman moniker." XLR8R

"Each track on the DANTALION/RAUM EP builds to a staggering crescendo of ear-shattering, gritty noise and techno-driven beats." THE QUIETUS 

"Definitely one of the revelations of 2013. Orphan Swords's mix of industrial, noise, techno is insane." SUBBACULTCHA

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(CD | digital)

"MONNO is one of europe’s most interesting and innovative avant-garde band at the moment" CRYPTIC MADNESS
"A new record by MONNO is always a tectonic event in the world of avant rock. (…) They have left their marks on many music fanatics skin by being unpredictable, consequential and without compromise" MONOCHROME
"The band butter their sandwiches with blood, replenish their thermos with Black-Death whiskey and set out on a trudge through the muddy swamps of sludge, doom and drone." TOKAFI
"The noise of the end of the world and the silence which follows. MONNO is Philip K. Dick transcribed into sound, Norman Spinrad into sonic textures and J. G Ballard in low-end vibrations" CHMAFU
Recorded by Roli Mossiman, former Swans drummer and mastermind producer ( Young Gods, The The, Celtic Frost, New Order, Skinny Puppy,..), during some bleak and cold December days in a Polish farm, and mastered by James Plotkin, CHEVAL OUVERT is probably MONNO's most accomplished achievement to date as well as their most adventurous and challenging opus.
After sharing the bill with fellow musicians like Knut, Isis, Jesu, Lightning Blot, Melt Banana, Zu, Asva, Todd, Shit & Shine, Marduk or Tony Conrad on the occasion of the 150+ concerts given over the last years, Drummer Marc Fantini, bassist Derek Shirley, Electronic musician & vocalist Gilles Aubry and electrified tenor sax maestro Antoine Chessex felt the need to come back to studio work. Results a powerful though dark and introspective piece of pure sonic radicalism. CHEVAL OUVERT immerses the listener into a brutal typhoon of intense abstraction. A wild ride on a furiously galloping horse that finds itself torn into pieces by human destruction. Monolithic stabs of distorted saxophone, infinite loops of electronic madness and the devastating pairing of a melting low-end bass and mammoth-like drums resulting in a rock solid wall of ancestral evoking frequencies.
The CD comes with a special digipack brilliantly designed by Barcelona based visual artist and allied Marc O'Callaghan.
Stricly limited to 300 copies.


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(K7 | digital)

"Sound experimentalist and founder of the Idiosyncratics label Yannick Franck works with Maze as industrial-slanted techno duo Orphan Swords. Featured here, "Caim" is a new track from the pair which arrives before its upcoming three-track tape is released sometime next month. The single is made up of a screeching, splitting bell tone that wavers above locked grooves and dubby synth undulations; the whole thing is pushed along by a sterile book-kat beat. The grinding sounds and whirling blasts of white noise position the track directly in the realm of acts like Sandwell District and Richie Hawtin's digressive and hypnotizing Plastikman moniker." XLR8R


Upcoming releases by Orphan Swords:
RÄUM REMIXES (12 inch | digital) featuring shxcxchcxsh, Paul Purgas (Emptyset), Dwellings (Gnod) and EXoteric CONtinent (Opal Tapes)