idcd011 Francisco Meirino & Miguel A. García - Nonmenabsorbium

“We wanted it raw and tense, fierce and intense, but not necessarily noisy.” 
Francisco Meirino

"Nonmenabsorbium is a cerebral work of powerful compositions that combine technical prowess with haunting intrigue."
The Brvtalist

Prolific Swiss electronic composer Francisco Meirino (Misantropic Agenda, Entr'acte, Antifrost) and Basque country’s most prominent left-field musician Miguel A. Garcia aka Xedh (Crónica, Idealstate) team up and go for the rawest yet most carefully built electronic experimentation. No-input mixer, modular synth, field recordings & magnetic fields find themselves at the core of this true gem of radical electronic music, savvily handcrafted with by two experts of the genre.

artwork by Elise Gagnebin-de Bons